The AIM team has extensive experience in all avenues of dish machine installation, from undercounters and door-type machines, to a full flight system. Installing new or retrofitting, no matter the size of the unit, we handle the process with ease. When working with us we can determine the size, location, and whether you should be washing warm or cold water. This is one of the many benefits when working with a commercial installer.

Our Capabilities:

Accept, Set in Place, Delivery

Equipment Installation

Removal and Disposal

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door type dishamchine

Door Type

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flight system dishwasher

Flight System

High Temp

  • Water is 180º for sanitization
  • Requires booster heater
  • Can come in door or conveyor
  • Best choice where possible
  • Water evaporates decreased drying time

Low Temp

  • Uses chemicals to sanitize
  • Generally lower upfront cost
  • More common in 120V (more flexible installtion)




Flight Type

Designed with the highest volume in mind. 15,000 dishes per hour. Flight-type dishwashers are designed with multiple sections and are capable of meeting the highest demands for production. Because they are larger and more complex than other dish machine styles, these units can be customized for your operation.

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