AIM National leads the industry in walk-in panel installation, self-contained, precharged remote, and rack system refrigeration, prep and line units, beer chiller systems, and more.

We work with manufacturer-approved installers, for a seamless process from A to Z.

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Walk-in Panels

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Remote and Rack Systems

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Beer Chiller Systems

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Ice Machine Installation

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Prep and Line Units

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Fabricated Curb Solutions

Walk-in Refrigeration

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Remote System

The condensing unit sits outside the building which allows the heat to be released outside. Remote systems generally cost less for the unit itself. Although installation may cost more. Some parts like pipes, insulation & connectors will be needed. Some remote systems come precharged & preassembled from the factory, while others must be assembled and charged during installation.

Self Contained System

A pro is that the self contained system has the evaporator coil and compressor mounted to the top which is best for installation where space is limited on the side. Comes preassembled. Although, heat is released inside the building, and the coil sits inside the box taking up some shelf space.

Rack System

The size of the refrigeration system, how powerful it is in terms of horsepower, depends on whether it is a refrigerator, freezer, or both. For example, smaller refrigeration units generally have a 1/2 horsepower compressor while freezers have a 1 horsepower compressor for greater cooling power. Larger units will require increasingly more horsepower as the box size increases.

Energy and Efficiency

Take into account how much power will be required and how it will be connected. We can provide this service with our hvac pro to get any energy and efficiency questions taken care of.


  • Look for specs about the efficiency of the walk in cooler.
  • Ensure proper installation for tight seals that minimize leaks and maximize efficiency.
  • Design shelving for easy access and efficient air flow.
  • Insulated floors with thermal barriers under wall panels offer high efficiency.
  • LED lighted boxes save energy over regular light bulbs.
  • Door closers save energy by ensuring the door remains closed.
  • Strip Doors / Strip Curtains help keep in cold air when door is open.
  • Check that the refrigeration system is EISA compliant. The Federal Governments Energy Independence Security Act of 2009 requires all walk-ins to have high efficiency motors.
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Previous Installations

Atlanta Airport

Atlanta Airport

Installed walk-in refrigeration system and worked with the GC through waterproof testing, electrical corrections, and drain line relocations.

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